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Ezovion offers specialized, comprehensive, and standardized hospital management software in Bangalore. Our services include the management of daycare, IPD, OPD, Radiology, Lab, Pharmacy, and Tele-consulting.

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We provide a variety of hospital management software modules that you can customize to accommodate your specific requirements. 
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Key Features

Here are the key features of our hospital management software.

hospital management software key features

Key Features

Below mention are the key features of our Hospital Management Software in India.
hospital management software key features

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Why Choose Ezovion Hospital Management Software?

Why Choose Ezovion Hospital Management Software

Value-adding service to enhance your practice.

Help improve your patient care and retention that fits your budget.

Why Choose Ezovion Hospital Management Software

Customizable Solutions as per your need

Ezovion has over 35+ hospital management software modules that you can personalize for your needs.

Why Choose Ezovion Hospital Management Software

An investment that is worth savings

The end-to-end integrated solution would help you to improve your efficiency and helps you to high return on investment.

OPD Module

Outpatient Module is a comprehensive hospital management software in Bangalore takes care of the entire OPD cycle ranging from registration, treatment, billing, analysis etc.  

  • Multilocation   
  • Integrated EHR  
  • E-prescription   
  • OP billing   
  • Queue and Token Management  
  • Role-based Access  
  • Pre-built templates   
  • PACS  
  • Communication management   
  • and more 

IPD Module

With intelligent tools, high-level flexibility, and automation the hospital management software in Bangalore helps providers manage end-to-end, complete IP operations.

  • Speech to text
  • Patient Vital Monitoring
  • Insurance Management   
  • Ward Management   
  • Discharge Summary  
  • Integrated Billing   
  • Inpatient case sheet   
  • Integrated with LIMS, Radiology, Pharmacy   
  • OT management  
  • Inventory Management  
  • Discharge   
  • IP billing   
  • Integrated with Blood Bank  

Electronic Health Records

With a single integrated hospital management software in Bangalore, providers can be more flexible and efficient, while patients can benefit from increased convenience and communication. All OPD, IPD, lab reports, radiological images, medical history, visit history, and other information are available.

  • Real-time Information management  
  • Document vitals  
  • Share Prescriptions  
  • Last Visit Data & Visit History  
  • Medication-Tracking  
  • Standardized Templates for each speciality  
  • OP and IP Case Sheet  
  • Inbuilt DICOM Viewer  
  • Track Resource utilization and send them to billing on the go


Choose Lab Information Management Software (LIMS) in Bangalore to manage entire order management, custom reports, instant notifications, credit settlement, detailed MIS Reports, analytics, and a phlebotomist app.

  • Order Management   
  • Custom Reports  
  • Smart Notification   
  • Invoice Generation   
  • Sample Collection  
  • Digital QC Approval  
  • Analytics (TAT and Other Reports) 

Pharmaceutical & Billing Module

Medical supply management, billing, reporting, and looping via Hospital Management Software in Bangalore. 

  • E-Prescription  
  • Sales Dashboard  
  • OP and IP Integration  
  • Open stock, Purchase and Sales entries  
  • Supplier and Payment Management  
  • Security and User Role Management  
  • Stock list  
  • Purchase and Sales Returns  
  • Multi-Location Management  
  • SMS Integration, Share Prescription via SMS/Email  
  • Low Stock, Overstock Expiry Reporting  
  • Security and User Role Management


A convenient, HIPAA-compliant PACS software combined with a DICOM viewer provides an exclusive integrated hospital management software in Bangalore for tracking and comparing patient data and radiology images from multiple devices in a single window.

  • Add Radiologist notes  
  • View all images in EHR real-time  
  • Image tagging, and Indexing  
  • Add/Remove images  
  • Radiologist/Technician Queue Management  
  • Integrated with patient’s EHR  
  • Share images via email or SMS  
  • DICOM Viewer  
  • Backup PACS data with our Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Inventory Module

Innovative inventory management software in Bangalore that keeps track of medical supplies and equipment and offers a log of accesses to and uses of hospital equipment. 

  • Integrated with IPD and OT management  
  • Create and manage purchase indents   
  • Hospital Purchase and Purchase return management  
  • Sales and Sales Return management   
  • Quality Check and stock-in  
  • Hospital Stock Management  
  • Accounting  
  • Dashboard and Analytics 

Communication Management

A simplified communication solution is provided by Ezovion Hospital Communication Management Software in Bangalore to facilitate effective collaboration between patients and doctors. You can send single or bulk SMS and WhatsApp texts to your patients directly using our auto-messaging system. Use our user-friendly mobile app to make a voice call with your patients with a click 

  • Take Advantage of Tele-Consultation  
  • OP & IP Billing Messaging 
  • Lab & Radiology Test Reports Notification  
  • Easy Call for Follow-up in App  
  • Effortless Patient Engagement 
  • Patient Retention  
  • Improved Operating Efficiency 
  • Eradicate Medical Errors 
  • Maintain Transparency 

Operation Theater Management

The Ezovion OT management system in Bangalore handles everything, such as scheduling operations, managing the surgical team, documenting surgical details, and handling checklists related to operations. 

  • OT Booking & Scheduling 
  • IP Integration 
  • Lab Integration 
  • Radiology Integration 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Implants & Prosthetics 
  • Surgery & Recovery 
  • Case Notes & Observation 
  • Post Surgery Instructions 
  • Detailed OT Summery 
  • OT Billing 
  • Reports & Analytics 

Workforce Management

For a seamless and organized workflow within the healthcare institution, Ezovion’s HR & Payroll Management Software automates all payroll-related procedures as well as high-value HR core processes.  

  • Employee Management  
  • Document Management  
  • Separation Management  
  • Employee Self-Service  
  • Workflow Management  
  • Asset Management  
  • Employee Happiness Management  
  • Payroll Inputs   
  • Multi-Pay Periods   
  • Salary on Hold  
  • Arrears Estimation  
  • Manual Loss of Pay (Lop)  
  • Part Time Salary & Hourly wages  
  • Loan/Advance Management  
  • Claims Management 

Ezovion HR Software

Ezovion is reshaping the way the healthcare industry in Bangalore understands, develops, and mobilizes talent. We provide actionable skills data to hospitals and clinics, which promotes innovation in talent initiatives such as hiring, upskilling, mobility, and mentorship. 

The Best HR Management Software for Healthcare – Ezovion HRM 

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HR management software

Key Features

Below mention are the key features of our Healthcare Workforce Software.
HR management software

Key Features

Below mention are the key features of our Healthcare Workforce Software.
HR management software

Enhance Quality of Care

Configure workflows the way you want with content focused on your specialty. 

Save time and increase efficiency.

Reclaim significant time with mobile solutions that bring EHR to your fingertips. 

Improve financial performance

Improve your service ROI by incorporating HMS into your workflow to generate accurate billing and reporting. 

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