Inpatient Management

Transform your hospital with intelligent, integrated IP management solutions

Inpatient Management involves several interlinked aspects from patient admission to discharge journey. A paper based patient management gets complicated in the long run, while a digitalized IP can make the whole process 10X easier. Digitized IP management ensures quick processing speed and results, improved patient care, high data security, improved retrieving ability and compliance.

Ezovion IP management software is a market-leading platform that helps providers manage end-to-end, complete IP operations (as opposed to other broken IP software) with intelligent tools, automation, high-level of adaptability, flexibility- offering a seamless experience across your hospital management.

Inpatient Registration

Add extensive details of the patients such as name, demographics, insurance, Aadhar card, attachments, etc. The patient registration module has all the ready-reference details for healthcare providers to apply benefits. Get consent forms electronically signed using custom conform templates.

Quick and Easy Registration

Intuitive interface for quick and detailed patient registration done in a few clicks.

Global Search

Search registered patients from patient list or from global search for easy admission.

End-to-end Data capture

Capture end-to-end patient details including family data, search and retrieve patient data Quickly


The Patient Admission module applies throughout a patient’s inpatient stay, from registration through discharge. Admission module enables efficient and accurate collection, maintenance, and output of patient data, thus enhancing a hospital’s ability to provide quality care to its patients.

Admission List

Search and locate admitted inpatients to access various inpatient functions with just one click.


Comprehensive admission reporting with good attention to detail on patient inputs such as initial admission details, attender details, assessment details and more.

Monitor requisitions and patient processes

Track Transfer of patients from one patient care location. Bed requisitions including admission, transfer and confirmation can be made through the system.

Track Bed Transfer

Manage bed allocation for patients, bed transfer and requisitions during stay.

Manage Room Tariff

Allot rooms, manage tariffs, gain control over room capacities, availability and improve managing efficiency.

Locker and Nursing Station

Keep track of lockers, nursing station information and make alloting easier.

Ward Management

A Hierarchical structure of the ward is critical for any hospital. Our ward management enables efficient and highest quality nursing care for your patients.

Ward Setup

Building, floor, room, beds, nursing counter, facilities, ICU, NICU, OT, Recovery room, tariff and more.

Ward Occupancy Dashboard

Shows your real time progress of patients you can depend anytime.

Facility Management

Integrate with laundry management, mark the room under maintenance.

Inpatient Case Sheet

Track everyday activities of Inpatient and access the entire details in a few clicks.

Capture doctor and nurse notes

Doctors and Nurses can record vitals or add notes in the case sheet and it will be instantly updated for anyone to review.

Bed transfer

Bed transfer and room rent will be calculated based the patient movement and added into IP bill automatically.

IP billing

Calculate Room rents and other charges involved. Auto-Create billing during every phase of IP.


Digitized approvals from various departments for simplified discharge.


Prescription orders will be sent to the pharmacists automatically and added into the IP billing as well. Patient medication will be tracked in Intake.

Vitals Tracking

Track Vitals across all visits made by the patient to any clinic.

LIMS Integration

Integrated with LIMS to leverage the best capabilities and improve cross-performance. 

Lab Orders

In case of lab requirements, lab orders can directly be processed from IP and extended to LIMS.

Complete the Loop

No need to rely on a separate software or module. Cross integrations empower providers to complete the healthcare loop seamlessly.

Data automatically updated

Details and Results from LIMS are automatically updated in the EHR and it’s readily available to the doctor for review.

Radiology Integration

Leverage the combined capabilities of Radiology and IP to best access the data, combine insights and make healthcare seamless.  

Order From IP

Doctors can directly order from IP and can be processed further from within the system.

Integrated workflows

Upload Radiology documents and attach it to the patient's record viewable from other parts in the IP module.

Seamless communication and collaboration

Data from Radiology and IP are interlinked and available to end users automatically after updating- thereby creating a data continuum between stakeholders. 

Pharmacy Integration

Integrated Pharmacy management to IP to make medication an integral part of practice and complete the healthcare loop efficiently.

Pharmacy Orders

Inpatient management is integrated with Pharmacy for efficient prescription management, tracking and billing.

Easy access to patient medication history

No risk of loss of data. Both Provider and Pharmacists have ready and relevant information of the patient’s past medication history- thereby improving healthcare accuracy and quality.

Pharmacy Billing

Automated billing is enabled for easy inpatient billing and adjustments.

OT Management

Operation theatre module caters to the scheduling and planning of operation theatres, surgery team, patient tracking, operation theatre consumable management, Resource planning and more.

Automatic Synchronization

Define the OT timings for various specialties and check availability of surgeons of that specialty for any given day.

Manage Operation theatres

Manage more than one operation theatre with Ezovion’s IP management and get ready understanding on the available resources for the Operation.

Comprehensive Information Management

Note details such as O.T. Reservation for a scheduled surgery, team of Doctors/Assistants involved in the operation, Consent Forms, consultant Instructions, Birth / Death Certificates and Bill Charges Posting from IP.


Ezovion’s Inpatient Management Discharge Process is designed to be an integrated process, aligned to all the activities performed on a patient, from the time the patient is admitted as an In-Patient till Discharge. Ezovion automates discharge and carries out all the processes involved in a conventional discharge process, seamlessly in digital format with less manual intervention and more productivity. 

Digital Approvals

Get Consents and approvals digitally from stakeholders for an error-free discharge.

Auto-generated Discharge Summary

"Discharge Summary" can be auto generated with one click in any format desired by the Hospital.

Automated Billing

Keep track and Automatically bill the patient for all the chargeable activities that took place during an IP encounter in the Hospital.

IP Billing

Ezovion’s billing software is inbuilt, robust, secure and allows third-party integration interfaced across all the IP modules. . Fully automated system  captures and calculates billing from every department and saves you from the hassle of going through all the departments for pending payments or scenarios. Simplify your billing, save time and manual errors. 

100% accuracy

Avoid manual data entry and calculations and pave the way for more accuracy.

Track Resource utilization and send them to billing on the go

Send approved and completed transactions to billing on the go. All the bills are added to the IP billing as you send them. 

Insurance billing

Intelligent algorithm tracks billing from every department and scenario, calculates insurance based on approval and simplifies the workflow.


Waste no time preparing Summaries or any medical Documents. Our Pre-built templates help you save valuable time while you spend your time on patient care.

Consent form templates

Make most of your discharge with easy-to-use discharge templates.

Prebuilt templates

Our prebuilt custom template helps you capture critical information without effort and makes your discharge simpler.

Multi-language support

Multi-language support so that healthcare providers communicate in the language their patients are comfortable with.

Communication Management

Bridge the gap between providers and patients, improve retention rate and patient satisfaction with our robust communication management.

Communicate with patients from the software

Inbuilt communication modules help providers stay in touch with patients and keep them engaged.

Flexible communication management with best features

Send messages/ Schedule to patients via any channel SMS, Whatsapp or email. Leverage integrations with EMR to create patient lists.

Auto- Messaging

Leverage our Auto-messaging feature to keep your patients engaged and informed time-to-time on scenarios and make way for patient retention.

Reports & Analytics

Get to know the progress of your patients over time with easy-to-view reports and analytics that give faster insights to critical data.

Seamless UI/UX

Track what’s happening with a bird-view snapshot of all the processes on a single screen. 

Intuitive Dashboard

Consume critical information from an intuitive dashboard faster- take better decisions and act faster.

Analyse Your Progress

Flexible interface lets you analyse data and progress over several parameters over time- helping providers get a better perspective on patients.

Holistic management of your Hospital

Gain a faster time to  market, simplify hospital management and deliver better care to patient with our intelligent-driven IP management software. Automated, robust and Flexible- our IP software offers you everything that makes hospital and patient management seamless. 

Quality and Safety

We ensure 100% safety protocols with data encryption, electronic signatures, HIPAA compliance, and chain of custody capabilities that simplify the quality control process.

Benefits of Ezovion IP management

Benefits of Ezovion IP management

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