Pediatric Management Software

Purpose built software to simplify pediatric healthcare management

One healthcare platform for all your pediatric needs

Meet your pediatric management needs with one intelligent healthcare platform. Ezovion Pediatric Practice Management is purpose-built to address the pressing challenges of pediatricians today, simplify the complex document management and equip them with smart tools that drive value to their practice.

Patient Registration

Comprehensive yet simple patient registration. Add extensive details including insurance data, referral data and other critical data for efficient patient care and engagement.

Quick and Easy Registration

Intuitive interface for quick and detailed patient registration done in a few clicks.

Patient List

Pull registered patients from easy-to-use patient list or global search.  


Easy to add, easy to retrieve

Create a digital trail of all patient visits, their histories, and diagnosis for each patient.

Appointment Management

Setup your work schedule, and book patients’ appointments with our easy-to-use calendar. Manage in-clinic, video consulting appointments with payment integration and other critical appointment functionalities.

Intuitive Dashboard

One-view dashboard that gives you critical appointment information in one screen. View past and future appointments for efficient patient engagement and flow management.  


Appointment Analytics

Appointment related metrics are captured and displayed real-time on top of the screen for efficient patient flow and engagement.  



Powered With Communication

Enable email/SMS/push notifications to patients and providers to communicate your availability, appointment/ cancel/modify confirmations with your patients for efficient patient engagement.

Pediatric Queue Management

Streamline your patient management, reduce waiting times/ no shows and take a smart way to management.

Nerve Centre

Doctor’s Queue is the nerve center to access all the critical functionalities.  



Get real-time update on patient flow. Chief complaints, vitals updates, and appointment type are getting updated real-time with easy-to-understand indicators.

Instant Tracking Real-time

Monitor the status of each patient as they move up the queue. 100% real-time tracking in one view.  


Pediatric Growth Chart

Switch to a smart way to track your pediatric patient’s growth parameters such as height, weight, head circumference.

The Chart

The chart has the 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, 90th, and 95th smoothed percentile lines for all charts, and the 85th percentile for BMI-for-age and weight-for-stature.

View and Print

All growth charts can be viewed, downloaded, and printed or share as Adobe Acrobat PDF file format.  


Patient Clinical History

Digital format enhances add, manage, shareability of growth chart and relevant data easily with Ezovion Electronic Management solution.  

Vaccination Chart

No more lost your patient’s vaccination data or missing files. Leverage the advantage of digital vaccination charts and make quality continuum of care possible.

Vaccine Management & Reminders

Add, and manage our own vaccination brands. Patient’s Electronic Health Record sets vaccination reminders for all the patients.

Track Vaccination

Easily understand vaccinations administered/missed and take appropriate decisions.  



Dynamic vaccination chart including vaccination name and given date & time for real-time tracking.  


Lab Report

Leverage the advantage of integrations with IP and experience seamless patient management.

Extended to lab Management

Experience high end extended features of LIMS powered with lab automation and intelligence and unlock insights faster.

Shareable Lab Reports

Generate lab reports and share them on the go to the patients. Available in Print/digital format.  


Third-party Labs

Don’t have an inhouse Lab? No issues, you can onboard third-party labs for easy orders, tracking and get the reports in real-time.  


Medical images and scans can be added to each patient’s medical record. We support a wide range of radiology image file formats, including DICOM images.

No need to rely on a separate system

Get all the tools you need for measurement and editing of images from the software. 100% compliant. All data is securely shared to the stakeholders.

Radiology Images

Have all your patients radiology images at patient’s electronic health record for easy view via DICOM viewer. Measure, edit, save your notes with each radiology image.  

Third-party Scan Centers

Don’t have inhouse scan centers? No issues, you can onboard third-party scan center for easy orders, tracking and get the reports in real-time.  


Create a prescription in within a minute by leveraging our user-friendly prescriptions management, track resident’s prescription intake, track prescription history.

Favorite Prescription

Create and save frequently issued prescriptions; this would save help you issue a prescription with single click.  



Shareable digital Prescriptions

Share the prescriptions with patients who can view them securely via the patient portal with printing and PDF downloads.  


Multi-language Support

Help your patients understand their healthcare journey better. We offer multi-language support so that healthcare providers communicate in the language their patients are comfortable with.


Store and retrieve all forms of electronic documents, including scanned images, word processing documents, and any other type of document, image, or electronic file with our Attachment Software.

Save by Category

Save the scanned medical records by category for easy retrieval.  

Document Retention

Medical records will be archived and will be in the system for 7 years to meet government regulations.

Document Viewers

All the document types can be saved and viewed without any hassle.  

Communication Management

Effective Communication is important for healthcare providers for efficient patient engagement, save costs, and improved operating efficiency.

Communicate with patients from the software

No need to rely on separate systems to communicate with patients. Inbuilt communication modules help providers stay in touch with patients and keep them engaged. 

Flexible communication management with best features

Send messages/ Schedule to patients via any channel SMS, WhatsApp or email. Leverage integrations with EMR to create patient lists.  


Auto- Messaging

Put no effort in engaging your patients. Leverage our Auto-messaging feature to keep your patients engaged time-to-time and make way for patient retention.  


Reports and Analytics

Get to know the progress of your patients over time with easy-to-view reports and analytics that give faster insights to critical data.

Seamless UI/UX

Track what’s happening with a bird-view snapshot of all the processes on a single screen.  


Intuitive Dashboard

Consume critical information from an intuitive dashboard faster- take better decisions and act faster.  


Analyse your progress

Flexible interface lets you analyze data and progress over several parameters over time- helping providers get a better perspective on patients.  

Track the holistic Health of your Patients

Ezovion Pediatric Practice Management software goes much beyond the basic documentation and billing. We equip providers with full patient management, helping your business track the holistic health of the patients, assess their readiness and provide the best care possible for your patients.

Quality and Safety

We ensure 100% safety protocols with data encryption, electronic signatures, HIPAA compliance, and ensure that your patient data is protected.

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