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Adapting to the changing healthcare in the new normal

Author Name : K.S.S.Sruthi

Adapting to the changing healthcare in the new normal  We are living in an era where existing technologies are at its peak of innovation and the new healthcare technologies are on the verge of drastic impact. There are new economies built around the new technologies and no industry is left untouched by it. Healthcare is no exception.  Technology in healthcare has created such experiences that it shattered the traditional mode of healthcare that we saw a few years ago.  Now the relationship between technology and healthcare is inextricably linked to better care and outcomes, greater administrative efficiency, and an improved patient experience.  Welcoming new trends in healthcare  Maturing technology and changing consumer behavior has changed the demands of healthcare. It has now raised the bar for patient experiences along the road of insights. New technologies today such as IoT, AI and Machine learning are creating critical data from patient’s journeys and are turning them into insights. These insights are being leveraged to deliver superlative patient care and experience- making health care easier for providers and insightful for providers.  Though Healthcare technology was progressive, few healthcare organizations were apprehensive to adapt due to Compliance issues, regulations, data security etc.  The pandemic however propelled things forward and left healthcare providers and patients with no choice than to adapt.  During the pandemic, healthcare industry witnessed an almost 40% spike in tele-consultation/telemedicine. This propulsion was huge enough that it took healthcare forward by almost 4 years.  The world is now gearing towards newer healthcare demands. But are we ready to face it?  Let’s understand how healthcare has progressed with technology, the challenges faced by healthcare providers and the potential technology solutions pertaining to it.  Immediate challenges in Healthcare  The healthcare scenario all over the world is painting a contrasting picture. At one end, we have advanced technologies and equipment, well-qualified doctors and at the other end, there’s rising cost of healthcare, a whole set of healthcare community and population trying to fit into a complex healthcare world with half-information and processes.   
      1. Lot of data, very little insight 

Healthcare got digitalized and as a result, lot of healthcare data was being generated across all patients’ administrative, diagnosis, treatment and other notes. With every single visit to a clinic, there’s a little more healthcare data added. It resulted in data silos that increased complexity in data management. Moreover there’s disconnect between data with no insight and no single source of information. 

For example, when patients switch insurance plans or any other healthcare plans, most providers rely on patient’s self reporting to reconstruct their records. As a result not all information is transferred properly and it’s very challenging to derive insights from it.  Such scenarios create lot of healthcare gaps and amplify any error that gets into the way- sometimes creating serious consequences. 


Ezovion offers a interoperable and connected platform that can break data silos and transform them into useful insights. Built with AI/ML algorithm, our platform can help retrieve patient data in minutes at any point or duration of time, after collecting insights from various hospital departments. Our platform not only saves time flipping through several healthcare records, but also gives a quick and connected overview of the patient- helping healthcare providers deliver accurate healthcare. 


2.Data Security & Privacy? 

Cyberattacks against health systems occur with alarming frequency. According to IT security firm Sophos, 34% of healthcare organizations were hit by ransomware in the last year.  It lead to a huge financial loss that includes downtime, personnel hours spent, device expenditures, network costs, lost opportunities, ransom paid, and other expenses. Security of patient data is yet another area of setback and many patients are uncomfortable giving their information due to lack of trust in platforms.  


Ezovion Hospital Management Solution offers a highly secure EHR that’s compliant with top government regulations such as HIPAA that duly abides to safe exchange to information.  

We follow the three pillars to securing protected health information outlined by HIPAA – administrative safeguards, physical safeguards, and technical safeguards and offer authentication gateways that allows restricted access and sharing of patient information. 

      1. Reluctance in adapting to new systems

Not everyone in the medical staff would be proficient in the idea of having technological implementation in the establishment. As medical practitioners are hardwired to documentation, they may feel the reluctance to give up the documentation process. In some cases, the staff lack awareness about the current technological advancements and the comprehensive benefits of it. 

 Moreover, The physicians and the medical team feel that they need to spend extra time and put in extra effort to understand the new system. They consider it as a  time-consuming process and a hassle for both the staff and the management. Small and mid-sized organizations fear the loss of business during the training phase and consider it an unnecessary effort.   


Ezovion offers an easy to use platform that effortlessly navigates to the subsequent phases of healthcare. We’ve built the platform with several analysis and research of the general struggles of conventional healthcare in order to ease the process. There isn’t any much training needed to use the platform and you could use it as any other simple application. Ezovion platform offers a Great ROI that promises as much as 20% increase in patient flow and 20% less in operating cost.  

About Ezovion:  Ezovion Transforms conventional healthcare into intelligence-based, insight-driven healthcare. Built-in ML and AI  simplifies    clinical processes, data management, healthcare delivery and patient care.    Benefits: 

-Smart data management that transform data into insights.   

– Combine clinical, financial, and other data to understand the impact of treatments  

– Embed  intelligence across your healthcare system  

– Gain visibility across every episode of care.  

Try Ezovion for an intelligent healthcare experience!  

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