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Healthcare Management System

Healthcare Management System

Author: Dr Nirupama M P

September 16, 2021

Category: HMS

Why Choose Healthcare Management System?

Healthcare is not just about doctors and nurses anymore. Healthcare consists of hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment. A well-tuned hospital management workflow involves lots of important decisions that should be made in the most efficient and quick way. Nowadays it is hard to implement it without a distinct hospital management system. Such transitions in the healthcare industry have made the healthcare management system a necessity!
So, what is Hospital Management System (HMS)? The hospital management system (HMS) is integrated software that handles different directions of clinic workflows. It manages smooth healthcare performance along with administrative, medical, legal, and financial control. That is a cornerstone for the successful operation of the healthcare facility.

What is the Need of Healthcare Management System (HMS)?

A. How is HMS useful for Hospitals?

  • The usefulness of a hospital management system can be judged by the number of benefits it offers. Most of the hospitals these days are known to make use of such software. The main benefits of hospital management software are as follows.
  • It is because of this reason that most of the hospitals these days have started implementing this software within their system.

B. Features of Hospital Management Software

An efficient and well-implemented hospital management software is required to have the following features.

Since the system automates most of the hospital processes, there is no way the system should ever slow down. All the tasks including the communication between various departments, reporting of tests etc., are all speeded up with the help of a hospital management system. Therefore, speed is so crucial for an HMS.

  1. Error-free

Another essential feature of a hospital management system is that it should be error-free. In other words, it should be able to perform all the tasks with utmost accuracy and with minimum human intervention. The implementation of such a system also ensures that there are fewer errors resulted from the employees. Not just that, but it can also reduce the number of workforces required to perform the tasks.

2. Easy access of data

With the help of a hospital management system, you can easily access all the required data you want. A hospital daily produces a lot of data that needs to be stored safely. The software can do this. For example, doctors can access data related to patients whenever they want without any delay.

3. Cost-effective

The system also proves to be very cost-effective for hospitals. Implementing a hospital management system means less stationary use, less storage space required and less workforce. All these ultimately cuts down on the total cost of operations.

It is essential for a hospital management system to have all these features. This ensures a smooth flow of work within the medical centre. The best thing is that an HMS can be tailored according to the need of your hospital. With the help of hospital management software development& service providers like EZOVION: Intelligent Healthcare company, you can easily design/customise the software for your hospital and clinics.

C. Paper-based patient documentation vs HMS

Patient data management is one of the most critical tasks undertaken by medical institutions. For a long time, paper-based record-keeping had been the norm, but with the advent of EMR or EHR, the data landscape is changing rapidly.
Whilst manual record keeping is considered the gold standard, in recent years, multiple medical institutions are increasingly shifting their focus to the electronic means of handling workflows.
Deploying Electronic Medical Records Software has proven benefits for various hospitals and clinics, both on a small and a larger scale. The Healthcare industry, combined with the efficiency of such software, has shown better management and handling of internal functions.

Paper-based patient documentation vs HMS

EZOVION’s HMS is introduced to solve the complications coming from managing all the paper works of every patient associated with the various departments of hospitalization with confidentiality. EZOVION’s HMS provides the ability to manage all the paperwork in one place, reducing the work of staff in arranging and analyzing the paperwork of the patients. HMS does many works like:

  • Maintain the medical records of the patient.
  • Maintain the contact details of the patient.
  • Keep track of the appointment dates.
  • Save the insurance information for later reference.
  • Tracking the bill payments.                    

D. What HMS can do to your hospitals and clinics?

  • It can be-
    • Time-saving Technology
    • Improved Efficiency by avoiding human errors
    • Reduces scope for Error
    • Data security and correct data retrieval made possible
    • Cost-effective and easily manageable
    • Easy access to patient data with correct patient history
    • Improved patient care made possible
    • Easy monitoring of supplies in inventory
    • Reduces the work of documentation
    • Better Audit controls and policy compliance.

E. Key Features of EZOVION EMR

  • Listed below.-
    • Generate Prescriptions in less than 60 seconds.
    • Easy to use patient visit details (OPD/IPD) modules.
    • Detailed demographic and clinical data analysis.
    • Billing and account manager for your accounting needs.

It is ultimately the choice of management/hospitals/clinics. The bottom line is one must choose the solution that sails the boat for their workplace.


The Hospital Management System (HMS) integrated software handles different directions of clinic workflows. It manages smooth healthcare performance along with administrative, medical, legal, and financial control. It is a cornerstone for the successful operation of the healthcare facility. The traditional and the modern way of storing data have their consequences and benefits, by using customised solutions available with EZOVION, the hospitals/clinics can pick and choose the options that they wish to embed and leave the rest to EZOVION HMS to do its job!

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