Get Back on the Mat!

Get Back on the Mat!

Author: Dr Nirupama M P

August 27, 2021

Category: Awareness

Last Updated: April 20, 2023

Get Back on the Mat!
Start your Rituals Today!
As we all have shifted to work from home mode, it brings us to unique challenges related to our health. While working from home we sit glued to our seats attending long meetings, skipping breakfast, lunch, dinner, munching junk foods while working and eating at irregular times. Lack of movement can cause weight gain, fatigue, sleep problems, loneliness, social anxiety, and long-term health issues. Following a regular exercise regime can benefit us from boosting energy levels to sleep quality and good health.
Of course, there are far beyond benefits of exercising regularly. It can improve brain function, improve memory, help in handle stress more effectively, brings you glowing skin and enhances your social life and last of all it will make you relax and breaks the monotony of working from home.

  1. If you are facing trouble to begin an exercise plan or following a routine, you are not alone! We all are struggling to get back on track.
    How to get into our routine?
    It is easier to plan but bringing it into execution is tough. It requires commitment, dedication, and some strategic planning. It requires consistency and the key is to make it a habit. So, create a plan for yourself and set attainable goals to get those good feelings from exercising. Pick any form of exercise/activity that makes you feel happy.
    You don’t have to do painful exercises and spend hours in the gym which can make you hate to experience the benefits of exercising. Be kind to yourself and your body!
    Self-compassion can help you achieve your set goal. So, do not try hard and beat yourself up. Set realistic goals as you will not transform your body instantly. If you expect too much too soon then it could be frustrating. Try your best to focus on consistency, instead of results. As you become regular with your routine results will start showing up.

Get rid of Excuses
Realize for how long you have gone out of routine and check your weight. It will make you realise how important it is for you to exercise. If you think you have no time for exercising, then you need to understand that people who exercise regularly are the ones who carve out that time for their own benefit. Change your perspective, stop giving your busy life as an excuse not to exercise. If you have no time to go to the gym or buy expensive equipment, take it easy. Do sit-ups, Push-ups, yoga, and many other exercises which will not do any harm to your body and can be done without equipment. Walking or running is even good. So, get back on the mat and start with your workout plan. Please listen to your body and do not push way too hard. Start slow but be consistent.
How to get motivation?
If you dream of a healthy body, you need to start working for it. Rather than just planning put on your workout clothes and start. Exercise is all about improving your health and life. Start with an early morning brisk walk of at least 15 minutes. Walking increases your heart rate and kickstart your metabolism relieving you from stress. Based on your other work commitments during the day make your own schedule and remember housework counts as exercise. If you can convince yourself and take out time for your workout it can boost your energy and make you efficient throughout the day.
You can also consider joining social networking site or any online community with fitness trainers and nutrition experts to get support and encouragement from other people who are trying to be fit and healthy. When you do it together you may feel motivated.
Staying active while working from home may sound like a dream but it is important for both your physical and mental health to remain active. It may take some time and need self-discipline. Being sedentary for long periods can harm your health even after you have done your exercise for the day! Sitting at your desk for long hours can put you at risk for heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. So, set a timer while you are working that can remind you to move for few minutes every hour. Get up, walk up and down the stairs or even go to the kitchen and grab a healthy snack or even do quick jumping jacks to get your heart pumping and boost your energy level!

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