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  • Intelligent Healthcare Solutions: Paper-based Billing vs electronic Billing, accounts, reports & revenue
Intelligent Healthcare Solutions: Paper-based Billing vs electronic Billing, accounts, reports & revenue

Intelligent Healthcare Solutions: Paper-based Billing vs electronic Billing, accounts, reports & revenue

Author: Dr Nirupama M P

September 11, 2021

Category: HMS

The healthcare industry is constantly changing –Today’s business environment demands effective management of working capital, and that means more and more hospitals and clinics, healthcare companies are turning the spotlight on their Accounts Payable (AP) Departments to make it more effective and efficient.
E-invoicing/e-billing is a rapidly expanding technology in the healthcare industry. If you really want to relish the efficiency in productivity and robust the convenient functionalities for your hospital and clinics switch to Intelligent Healthcare Solutions. The billing software solutions automate your invoice generation, it helps you to go electronic at the time of patient registration to billing collections. Eighty-five per cent of consumers own smartphones, and many of them are constantly checking their messages; So, it is easy to make billing a part of the experience. Billing software saves printing and postage costs, reduces deadlines, and streamlines business workflow through unified invoicing processing.
Paper-based Billing vs electronic Billing, accounts, reports & revenue
Efficiency gains and cost-saving are the most important advantages of the billing system. It can improve work capital management and relationships with your patients. Switching on to intelligent healthcare solutions can manage all the billing work solely.

Ezovion Healthcare Solutions enables you to access financial data from anywhere anytime. The cloud-based software makes it easier to create customise and personalise invoices thereby saves a lot of manual work, and you can automate the same for recurring invoices. Advanced billing software enables you to import customer databases with a click. The online portal enables your clients to pay instantly as they receive invoices. An authorised billing system comes with multi-currency capability which allows you to accept foreign currencies. Online platforms allow integrated third-party payment applications or credit card payments that simplify payment procedures and get paid faster. Thereby making it a very simple and easy way of paying bills.
Automation allows you to create reports export data and you can directly share it with your client through email. You can keep track of finances and monitor outstanding invoices. Your data analysis becomes easy, and you will be able to fetch data like the number of outstanding invoices, time of payment and period of payment cycles, number of customers paid and due with their payment.
Ezovion software solutions make your billing system organized and error-free. It is designed to help hospitals and clinics to maintain proper records of transactions and accounting databases. With Ezovion automated invoicing software you can manage the entire payment process from getting data to creating and sending bills. The data entry and authentication, billing elements, payment tracking and security, customer support to improve invoices and payment documents are well managed by EZOVION solutions.
With paperless electronic billing, improve your billing processes, reduce loopholes in all the  departments and improve efficiency along with the revenue of your hospitals and clinics.
Know more about Ezovion Healthcare Solutions and get a free HMS demo.

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