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World Development Information Day- Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry

World Development Information Day- Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry

Author: Sameera J Khan

October 20, 2022

Category: General

Last Updated: March 2, 2024

World Development Information Day- Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry

It is crucial to our lives that we develop. Development is what we always strive for, from a personal perspective to a global one. Every year on October 24th, the United Nations celebrates “World Development Information Day”, recognizing this need and the importance of spreading information.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) proposed measures on May 17th, 1972 to disseminate information and mobilize public opinion on trade and development issues before announcing 24th October as World Development Information Day.  

However, several events in the last few years have interpreted the title differently. They have focused on how the Internet, mobile telephones, and other modern information technologies can be used to alert people and find solutions to trade and development problems. World Development Information Day had a specific aim of informing and motivating young people, and this change may help achieve that goal.  

Digital Technology and Digital Transformation in healthcare in Healthcare Development 

The UN has proposed 17 Sustainable Development Goals in order to promote prosperity among poor, rich, and middle-income countries. Out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals “Good health and well-being” and “Industry, innovation, and infrastructure” are also considered from the developmental perspective.   

The digital world allows doctors and healthcare specialists to showcase their services beyond their local area. Digital transformation in healthcare allows specialists to expand their professional territory, enhance their reputation, and demonstrate their expertise to prospective patients.  

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of digital marketing for healthcare service delivery. Maybe now is the right time to implement this strategy if you haven’t already.   

Investing in healthcare digital marketing has many benefits, and this article outlines some of the best strategies to achieve maximum results.  

Development of the Healthcare Industry Through Digital Marketing  

Digital marketing helps people connect with the right hospital or medical practitioner in the healthcare industry via healthcare information technology. For hospitals seeking to market themselves, digital marketing is the most flexible, reliable, and easy-to-implement strategy.  

In addition to getting more patients, digital marketing is also a cost-effective way to advertise healthcare services. 

Here are a few key benefits we can explore. 

Cost Per Conversion 

Most healthcare providers according to a survey by US vein practice spend $314 and $348 per patient on TV ads and on print, respectively. Whereas, spending money on digital marketing campaigns would be very less and more effective.   

Location-based targeting

By using digital marketing, healthcare centres can target a specific demographic, including age, gender, location, and more. By doing so, patients can get a more personalised experience, and doctors will have an easier time relating to them.  

Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) 

Implementing a digital marketing strategy to acquire new clients can reduce your total ad spend. According to a survey by US vein practice, medical centres spend over $314 and $348 per patient on print and TV ads, respectively. This is a lot of money, compared to what they’ll spend on running a digital marketing campaign (over 50% slash in ad spend)  

Increased visibility on search engines  

On Google, one in twenty searches is related to health and wellness, disease symptoms, diet tips, etc. A healthcare provider can address these queries through telemedicine and digital health, and with effective digital marketing and search engine optimization, they will be more likely to appear on Google’s first page. 

Data-Driven Decisions 

Traditionally, tracking down patient information is difficult, but digital marketing makes it easy. With digital marketing, you can also make informed, data-driven decisions.  

Check out our Hospital Management Software.  

Will Increase Referrals for Patients 

Using digital marketing, you can optimize your campaign to drive quality leads to your healthcare business using several professional tools and software.  

Healthcare Social Media Marketing Trends and Advantages in 2022 

Here we will discuss about the top trends and the advantages of social media marketing for the healthcare industry.   


Strong Social Media Presence of Your Healthcare

There was a time when we asked our relatives and friends for recommendations for suitable doctors. But nowadays people spend more time online and find their needs directly online and on social media. Making your presence strong on popular social media platforms via digital marketing will be beneficial for you and your business.  

  • The Practo, Justdial, and other ratings and reviews. 
  • Segments devoted to questions and answers. 
  • Testimonials from patients (text, video, etc.). 
  • Placements in the print media and on the radio (including interviews). 
  • Visibility, engagement, and following on social media. 
  • Engagement in the community. 


Developing and Expanding Your Telehealth Services

As healthcare communications move online, the telehealth trend follows. This digital transformation is again rooted in consumerization. Patients want to communicate in the way they want to communicate. Organizations are expanding and improving access to telehealth by adding new services, such as: 

  • HIPAA-compliant live chat 
  • Digital appointment reminders (email, text, etc.) 
  • AI-powered virtual assistant 
  • Two-way texting 

Improvisation in Website and Digital User Experience (UX) 

It is common for healthcare organizations to build purely informational or photographic websites. It is common to see even big names in healthcare standing behind dull or even clunky websites. Healthcare companies now understand this mistake, as evidenced by the influx of clients asking us to redesign their websites. 

Organizations in healthcare should not need to be convinced that their website is their digital face in 2022. In order to succeed, they need to retool their sites with patient needs in mind.  

  • Site structure and navigation 
  • Messaging, content, and design 
  • 24/7 engagement tools (chatbots, text, email support, and so on) 
  • Accessibility 
  • User-friendly across a number of devices 
  • Marketing content with an editorial calendar 
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) 



It’s a fact that healthcare marketing is the new standard for success in the professional health services industry. Health care marketing has become increasingly important as a result of digital technology.  

Healthcare consumers are also changing SEO and digital marketing strategies in tandem with the broader consumerization of healthcare. COVID-19 forced even digital novices to take care of themselves, often using technology. As a result of limited access to health facilities, they had to be willing to self-diagnose. 

These are the practices healthcare providers can implement to develop their new marketing strategies. 

  • A comprehensive SEO strategy can be used to plan the future of one’s website.  
  • Authoritative, high-value content with exact keyword strategies. 
  • Semantic and conversational search techniques for advertising their services. 
  • Fast, user-friendly web pages with admirable web design

Are you excited to learn more about Healthcare Digital Marketing services? We can help you! Ezovion Digital Marketing services can help you build your online presence and market your healthcare software solutions more effectively. Contact us now! 



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