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How Lab Information Management Software Meets Modern Needs of Labs Today

How Lab Information Management Software Meets Modern Needs of Labs Today

Author: Priya Singh

September 5, 2022

Category: LIMS

Last Updated: May 8, 2024

Diagnostic labs today manage high client expectations, a growing sample load, and a considerable volume of data generation. They not only offer high-quality testing services but also give management advice for public health. Labs must increase their capabilities and improve efficiency across all laboratory tasks due to the increased responsibility of public health. For regulatory compliance as well as to improve sample, data, and operations management, labs require potent technology solutions.

As a result, today’s successful labs make use of the laboratory LIS systems, which has emerged as the digital backbone of the diagnostic sector.

How Lab Information Management software Meets modern Needs of Labs today

What is Lab management software or Laboratory LIS Systems)? 

A lab management software helps modern laboratories operate easier by automating tasks, optimizing workflows, and streamlining processes. Along with converting data into meaningful insights lab management softwares helps make faster operations. As an all-encompassing piece of software that includes an ERP system, data analytics software, LIMS contributes to laboratory informatics.  

Benefits of Laboratory LIS Systems

LIMS started as a record-keeping software but evolved into a lab management solution. Today’s Cloud-based LIMS are highly integrated and automated paving the way for faster, meaningful operations and several other benefits. 

Improved Sample Management: 

One of LIMS’s essential functions is sample management. A LIMS maintains complete, accurate records of each sample and securely archives them, preventing data loss during transfer between departments. LIMS automatically updates the stakeholders with real-time information whenever any important process change is made. 

Improved Workflow Management

LIMS aids in the efficient implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs), as well as compliance and regulatory requirements. The system can be preconfigured to simplify operations, which aids in resource planning and instrument assignment. 

Standardization and Compliance 

A LIMS platform will assist you in ensuring that all staff and departments are following the same set of procedures and protocols, as the software guides them through a standardized process that you can tailor to your specific needs. This is extremely useful in industries where your lab’s work must adhere to agency or government regulations and quality standards. 

Greater integration 

A good LIMS can be integrated with a variety of laboratory instruments and applications to direct specific operations and exchange data. Data safety and security can be ensured by regulating the integration. They can also be integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications and accounting software to improve resource planning and data management efficiency. 

Increased Collaboration and Access to Information 

Thanks to cloud-based LIMS solutions, data, readings, measurements, and outcomes may be made accessible to anybody who needs them. This allows cross-departmental or even cross-continental collaboration straightforward. 

In addition, you can make sure that only authorized users have access to critical information thanks to fully configurable access controls and limitations. Any inputs or modifications can also be tracked back to the specific user in case further investigation or clarification is needed. 

Unified, paperless system 

It might be a pain to retrieve previous reports and certificates when there are several, dispersed systems. Finding those records at all can become impossible, or at the very least extremely time-consuming, when they are on paper. All of that complexity is removed when your company uses a single, secure LIMS, which makes records quickly and easily searchable. 


Since the sample information must be manually recorded at each stage of the study, it is challenging to trace samples without barcodes. A LIMS enables the entry of crucial sample-related data, including sample source, collection date, time, and location, as well as sample processing information. Moreover, it also automates workflows- thereby improving the Turn-Around-time and improving customer experience.  

Limitations faced by Lab diagnostics in Implementing Laboratory LIS Systems

Though LIMS has been considered a catalyst in driving lab operations forward, there have also been quite a few restrictions that make labs apprehensive about implementing LIMS.  

High Costs 

The high maintenance and service costs for LIMS are a significant market constraint. According to market analysts, the maintenance costs of IT systems are more than the actual costs of the products. Nearly 20–30% of the total cost of ownership is made up of recurring expenses like service and maintenance (which includes modifying the program to meet changing user requirements). 

Furthermore, 15% of the total cost is made up of the costs of implementation and training combined. Due to these problems, many small and medium-sized laboratories find it difficult to invest in these systems, which limits their acceptance. The emergence of cloud-based LIMS technologies is projected to lessen the impact of this constraint in the coming years. 

Poor integration and scalability issues

 A low-quality LIMS solution can cause significant integration and scalability issues. The stiff software would have difficulty integrating with other applications and instruments. Furthermore, heavy customization or poor design can make scaling-up up the solution to meet the needs of an expanding business difficult. 

Ezovion Laboratory LIS Systems – A futuristic Lab management platform for Labs of today 

Ezovion LIMS provides you with a complete, web-based, configurable laboratory information management system. With greater flexibility and Scalability, Ezovion offers unique advantages with built-in processes and configuration capabilities. Ezovion LIMS is modern software, and you can deploy the software to both on-premises or in the cloud. As a result, you can select the best option for you. 

The industry’s powerful Lab Information Management and automation software increase your lab performance by 10x. Ezovion LIMS Software is far more than sample management or information management platform- it’s a powerful platform for managing the complete lifecycle of your lab processes.  

Ezovion LIMS includes every phase involved in a lab ranging from order/ sample management for phlebotomists and technicians, to synoptic reporting and high-accuracy quality control for Lab QC and deep-insights for Lab Directors- empowering every stakeholder with simplified but efficient workflows.  

We Adhere to NABL and Compliance 

Your LIMS is the foundation of your lab’s operations, and it must meet not only your technological requirements, but also your quality assurance (QA) and regulatory compliance obligations. This is a growing issue with LIMS systems because even the most mature enterprises, let alone smaller startups, frequently lack the QA assistance needed to complete the testing and documentation requirements required for a LIMS deployment to be fully compliant and validated. 

The Ezovion LIMS software complies with all legal, regulatory, and software quality assurance requirements for managing hospitals and laboratories. We provide total transparency and traceability so you can rest easy knowing that once your Ezovion LIMS is put into use, which makes it functional to handle the regulatory problems your organization faces. 


  • Comprehensive Patient registration with a real-time dashboard for tracking patient data.  
  • Automated laboratory service billing, add lab tests, groups, and packages as per your lab practices.   
  • Queue Management to Manage workflows, maintain queues, and fulfill lab orders faster. You can integrate the software with both OPD and/or IPD.  
  • Deploy a structured approach for organized sample collection management, with integrated labeling, printing & sorting features, custom templates based on order, and sample matching for simplified backend processing.  
  • The map which sample goes to which department manually without having to go through cumbersome manual sample routing.  
  • Organize and automate testing processes with connected lab machines and pave the way for faster and more accurate testing while also saving on operational costs.  
  • Speed through the report entry process with connected lab machines with easy-to-use lab reporting systems. Get all the information about the patients in a few clicks.  
  • Pathologists can leverage the digital route of multiple authorization levels and approvals and eliminate inaccuracies down the route. Simplified, efficient, and quick. 
  • Go paperless with Ezovion LIMS, and deliver lab reports to patients via SMS/ WhatsApp with ease. Print lab reports in custom templates if needed. 
  • Gain visibility of all your finances and keep track of your reports on the go. Ezovion LIMS gives you real-time insights to help you make decisions.  

Are you ready to start thinking about a LIMS?  

Do you want to start reaping the benefits of a LIMS in your lab? Learn how Ezovion can improve your lab’s efficiency, productivity, and compliance.  


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