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Top 5 HMS Software for Hospitals that have Mastered the Healthcare Industry in India

Top 5 HMS Software for Hospitals that have Mastered the Healthcare Industry in India

Author: Shilpa A

August 27, 2021

Category: HMS

Last Updated: April 23, 2024

In the healthcare industry, it is necessary for all the hospitals to keep updated with the latest technologies like HMS software for hospitals so that they can provide quality treatments to the patients at the right time as well as maintain an uninterruptable workflow. To cope up with these challenges, many hospitals have moved from the traditional manual paperwork to the digital world using software designed specifically for the healthcare providers. These HMS software for hospitals helps the hospital to manage and store the patient data securely, use an effective communication management system to collaborate, and have a zero-communication gap between the departments, staff, and management, make sure that there is no duplication of the records, mismatch of data and many more.
While there are many HMS companies offering various features to cater to the needs of the hospitals. we have identified this five HMS software for hospitals who have mastered the healthcare industry by giving the best of the best solutions to run the show.

Ezovion HMS Software for Hospitals :

Ezovion Hospital Management System is a Cloud-based seamless ecosystem that intelligently drives all the healthcare operations. Its AI/ML features improve efficiency, save cost, and drive profits while building the healthcare service through intelligent Healthcare Service Experience (iHSE) from patient registration to caring, billing, insurance, and more. It has a very user-friendly interface that is self-explanatory which helps the customers to use it effortlessly. Ezovion HIMS also meets all the compliance requirements made by the government and guarantees 100% data security.

Ezovion is built for all healthcare service providers starting from OP clinics to, multi-specialty, super specialty hospitals, rehab centres nursing homes, chain of hospitals and clinics.

Some of the unique features of Ezovion HIMS are Patient Registration, Appointment Management, Queue Management, OP Billing, Prescription, Day Care Summary, OP Case Sheet, IP Case Sheet, Ward Management, Bed Transfer Management, Bed Occupancy Dashboard, Operation Theatre Management, Discharge Summary, IP Billing, IP Billing, Advance payment, and Refund. Electronic Health Record, Image loading and Indexing, 2D Dental Chart, Pharmacy and Lab Modules, Communication Management, Expenses and Accounts Management, Dashboard & Reports, Masters & Admin, Security and User Role Management, and Templates.

Here are the top products we offer.

Insta HIMS:

Insta HIMS by Practo is a cloud-based clinic and Hospital management software empowering healthcare providers in various countries since 2008. It is known for reducing the inventory cost, increasing the overall revenue, manages the operations right from managing all the patient’s registrations, to Optimize the overall productivity in the hospitals. Insta HMS helps in tracking minute modifications in the bill, print registration barcodes, view pending OP prescriptions with Sales linkages and many more. By using the Insta HMS software, the hospitals have improved their patient retention rate by 30% and have a 50% faster discharge rate.

MocDoc HIMS:

Mocdoc HMS software for hospitals is a One-stop digital healthcare solution for the single clinic to multi-speciality hospitals. With Mocdoc, the hospitals get a fully integrated healthcare management suite to manage all their operations seamlessly. With the increase in the number of hospitals having multiple locations, handling them in a single account has become easy with the Mocdoc HMS software for hospitals. MocDoc has a range of features like Doctors Discovery, Comprehensive Patients Appointments, Integrated OP Billing, Visual EMR’s etc.

HMS software for hospitals

Suvarna HIMS:

Suvarna HIMS is a powerful tool that is designed to deliver benefits to hospitals, clinics, diagnostics centers, etc. in a flexible and user-friendly way. These benefits range from enhancing the administration and control, strict cost control, superior patient care, and more! Suvarna HMS software for hospitals packages are developed in such a way that it provides the customers the best value-based solutions at the lowest cost, its products are carefully designed to support all the important features required by a hospital and are developed with the exquisite architecture enabling a high level of flexibility and scalability to the end customer.
Some intuitive features of Suvarna HMS are,

  • Admission Discharge and Transfer
  • Blood blank
  • Online scheduling
  • Billing, Inventory
  • Doctor’s organizer
  • Document Management System

Attune HIMS:

Attune HMS software for hospitals is popular at providing solutions to integrate all the departments in the hospitals from pharmacies, labs, imaging units to branches and collection centers located in multiple locations across the country. Attunes modular solutions and configurable workflows can be customized based upon the hospital requirements. The hospitals can choose the parameters that matter to them the most. The major benefits of Attune are that it helps in simplifying the operations, increases productivity, and generates more revenue for the hospitals.
A few of the interesting features of Attune HMS are,

  • Radiology Information System
  • Accident and Emergency Care
  • Central Sterile Supply Department Tracking
  • Operation Theatre Management
  • OP, IP Management
  • Day Care & Surgery Billing
  • Insurance & TPA Billing
  • Credit Tracking
  • Patient Referrals

Final Words

Summing it up, in this digital era, the Hospital management system plays a major role in the lifecycle of modern healthcare system and every Hospital Management Software tries to come up with its own ideas and unique features to give the best solutions to the hospitals to stand out of the crowd.

Try India’s leading Hospital Management Software today! Ezovion HMS software for hospitals

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