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  • Top 6 Best Hospital Management Software That Have Mastered the Healthcare Industry in India!! – 2024 
Top 6 Best Hospital Management Software That Have Mastered the Healthcare Industry in India!! – 2024 

Top 6 Best Hospital Management Software That Have Mastered the Healthcare Industry in India!! – 2024 

Author: Aruna G

January 12, 2023

Category: HMS

Last Updated: April 24, 2024

best hospital management software

In the healthcare industry, it is necessary for all the hospitals to keep updated with the latest technologies so that they can provide quality treatments to the patients at the right time as well as maintain an uninterruptable workflow. To handle these issues, many hospitals have shifted from conventional manual paperwork to the digital world, adopting software created exclusively for hospitals known as Hospital Management Systems (HMS) or HIS system hospital. These assist the hospital in securely managing and storing patient data, using an effective communication management system to collaborate, and having a zero-communication gap between departments, staff, and management, ensuring that there is no duplication of records, mismatch of data, as well as several other things. 

While there are many or best hospital management software for hospitals or companies offering various features to cater to the needs of the hospitals. we have identified these six providers of HMS who have mastered the healthcare industry by giving the best of the best solutions to run the show. 

Ezovion: The Best Hospital Management Software for Hospitals

Ezovion Hospital Management System is a seamless Cloud-based ecosystem that intelligently powers all healthcare operations. By harnessing its AI/ML capabilities, it enhances efficiency, lowers expenses, boosts revenue. It helps elevating healthcare services through the intelligent Healthcare Service Experience (iHSE). The software includes everything from patient registration through caring, billing, and insurance. It has an extremely user-friendly interface that is self-explanatory, allowing users to use it with minimum effort. Ezovion HIS system hospital also meets all government compliance standards and ensures 100% data security. 

Ezovion Hospital management software is built for all types of healthcare providers. It can be utilized for clinics such as-

  • OP clinics
  • Multi-specialty and super-specialty hospitals
  • Rehab centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Chain of hospitals and clinics. 

Some of the unique features of Ezovion best hospital management software for hospitals are as follows-

  • Patient Registration
  • Appointment Management
  • Queue Management
  • OP Billing, Prescription
  • Day Care Summary
  • OP Case Sheet
  • IP Case Sheet
  • Ward Management
  • Operation Theatre Management
  • Discharge Summary
  • IP Billing
  • IP Billing
  • Advance payment, and Refund.
  • Electronic Health Record
  • Image loading and Indexing
  • 2D Dental Chart
  • Pharmacy and Lab Modules
  • Blood Bank modules
  • Medical Camp Management
  • Communication Management
  • Expenses and Accounts Management
  • Dashboard & Reports, Masters & Admin
  • Security and User Role Management
  • Templates

Product List HMS Software for Hospitals: 

Outpatient Management  Queue and Token Management  Medical Camp Management  
Inpatient Management  Gynecology Management  Blood Bank Management  
EHR  Obstetrics Management  Daycare Management   
Lab Management  Pediatric Management  Patient Portal  
Pharmacy Management  Orthopedic Practice Management  Purchase Management  
PACS  Physiotherapy Management  Order Management  
Tele-consultation   Dental Practice Management  Stock Management  
Operation Theater Management  Rehabilitation Centre Management  HRMS & Payroll  
 Diabetes management   



Medstar is one of the best hospital management software which has been developed and owned by Tashka Healthcare which is headquartered in Bangalore, India. They are attempting to develop a paperless hospital. It also aims to build and maintain day-to-day activities. By using this software you can manage IP & OP admission, patient discharge, doctor list, pharmacy, report creation, HR & Payroll, and so on. The system provides great data protection at all levels, as well as dependable storage and backup services. Its artificial business intelligence and analytics capabilities set it apart, and its process processes are fully compliant with NABH requirements. 


DocPluse Hospital management software has been empowering healthcare providers in India, the Middle East, and Africa since 2012. They offer clinics and hospitals a scalable, secure platform that provides excellent value at a reasonable cost. It aids in the issuing of patient bills, keeps track of stock. The software also helps saving the usage of paper by providing reports via email and SMS. Manage appointments, billing, labs, stock and inventory, pharmacies, and other functions. Advanced EMR for medical record management and clinical care improvement. 

Insta HMS 

Insta HMS by Practo is a HIS system hospital. The software assists healthcare facilities ranging from single-center specialized clinics to multi-center hospitals. The software helps in increasing revenue, optimizing productivity, streamlining operations, and reducing inventory leakages. They use HL7 technology to support Medical Device and HIE Integrations (Malaffi, Nabidh, Riayati). Also offers APIs that allow us to interact with other third-party apps in the ecosystem. 


The KareXpert Advanced HIS system hospital software for hospitals is a cloud-based AI-ready SaaS solution for all healthcare organizations. Their platform combines all of the healthcare modules into a pre-integrated stack at an affordable price. Advanced HIMS, EMR/EHR, LIMS, RIS/PACS, Pharmacy, Telemedicine, Medical IoT, Advanced BI, Connected Ambulance, and many more are examples. The platform-based strategy includes fully integrated and ready-to-use full-stack solutions. 


HealthPlix Technologies promotes better health outcomes in India through a doctor-first strategy and its complete, AI-driven EMR software. It offers a patients and doctor friendly app, released in April 2022 allowing clinicians to achieve scaled customization. The same doctor can treat several patients using its platform. Doctors can use its analytics to track practice performance and patient health status over time. 


Every medical provider is capable, knowledgeable, and competent of doing all tasks properly. However, excessive reliance on manual processes will have a substantial impact on productivity as well as unavoidable errors. To keep your facilities productive and competitive, begin implementing technologies such as Hospital Management Software. 

HMS software for hospitals manages treatment schedules, patient records, bills, and reports. It is also competent in handling different departments to manage employees and administration. It is your obligation to make the appropriate decision. 

Try India’s leading HMS software for hospitals today! Ezovion Hospital Management Software 

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